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Technical Memo

Tech-memo USB Charger:
  Twin Universal Socket + USB Charger: HB8618DUSB
  Twin UK socket+USB charger, Double-pole sw. K8523SDUSB ...
  Universal socket+USB charger, K8318USB 
Tech-memo Hotel Product:
  Bell Push: JC801-B-W (DND/MUR Ring Indicator)
  DND-MUR Interlock Switch: K2772L-2
  Bell Switch with DND/MUR: GC2C-DMB-BSS (Titanium)
  Bell Switch with DND/MUR: K2C-DMB (Radiance)
  Bell Switch with DND/MUR: W2710+W2743 (Deco Module+Radiance Frame)
  DND/MUR control at 2 Locations
  Keycard Switch
  Infinit Keycard Switch: HC42****
  Radiance Keycard Switch (Revised 5/3/2020)
  Lavina Keycard Switch
  RFID Encoded Keycard Switch: MiFare Card with User Type ID
  Hotel Room Control: "Cardless" mode explained
  Shaver Socket
  Shaver Socket 20VA (Radiance)
  Shaver Socket 20VA (Deco)
  Volume Control
  Radiance/Glare Volume Control: K3-V, V3-V
  Radiance Volume Control: K2-V, K2-SV (with Channel Selector)
  Panic Button
  Radiance Panic Button: K2-AL (with Key reset)
  Night Light
  Radiance LED Floor Lamp/Night Light (1W/3W): K2700/K2700A
  Door Signage
  Door Signage: DL-HMx-xx
  Multi-Media Hub
  Multi Media-hub
  Touch Thermostat & FCU Controller: TD,B31x,B32C,B33C (Rev.3/7/20)
Tech-memo Socket Outlet:
  Switched Universal Socket: EA8318S (Harmony)
  Universal Socket: K818 (Radiance)
  Switched Universal Socket: K818S (Radiance)
  Twin Switched Universal Socket: K818SD (Radiance)
  Switched Socket 15A: K815SA (Radiance)
  Switched Universal Socket: V818S (Glare)
  Twin Switched Universal Socket: V818SD (Glare)
  Switched Universal Socket: HB818S (Dazzle)
  Twin Switched Universal Socket: HB818SD (Dazzle)
  Switched Universal Socket: GC818S (Titanium)
  Switched UK Socket: HB813S/HB813SD/HB813SL (Dazzle)
  Schuko Socket: JB816U-07
  Switched Euro/America Socket: K810US (Radiance)
  Universal Socket Outlet - Applicable plug types
Tech-memo Switch:
  Radiance Switches: Connecting LED Guide light
  Radiance Double-pole Switch: K271L-DP/K232LA
  Radiance Retractive Switch: K261/262/263/264/265
  Radiance 3-position Switch: K221 (for roller blinds/DND-MUR)
  Radiance 16AX Switch: K27x, K277(Intermediate Sw.) & wiring diagram
  Deco Switch: 1-way, 2-way, Double-pole with connection diagram
  Deco Switches with LED: Lamp flickering issue
  Switching high current - estimation of different loads
  Titanium Switches: GC251/252/253/254/256 (1-Way & 2-Way)
  Dazzle Switches: HB271/272/273/274/275 (1-Way & 2-Way)
  Curtain Control 3/2-position Switch: W2221/W2222 (Deco)
  Wiring Illustration for Infinit switches
Tech-memo Dimmer:
  Dimmer 1-10V: JC2-DCM2-W (Lavina 95)
  Dimmer 1-10V: W2847 - Deco Module (Revised 2/7/20)
  Leading-edge Dimmer - Lavina (600W): JC2-M2
  Leading-edge Dimmer - Radiance, Dazzle...
  Trailing-edge Dimmer - W2747 Deco Module
  Trailing-edge Dimmer - W2747 Dimming LED
  Video clip on minimum brightness adjustment for W2747.mp4
Tech-memo Motion Sensor/Detector:
  PIR Motion Sensor W2744LIR (Revised 15/4/2020)
Tech-memo ELV Data Product:
  HDMI socket module: W8201/8211HDMI
  SAT/TV socket (F-connector): HB8311ETV
  SAT/TV socket (F-connector): K801ETV
  Dazzle RJ11 Telephone socket (4-pin): HB801-4TU
  Radiance RJ11 Telephone socket (4-pin): K801-4TU
  Radiance RJ45 CAT5E socket (8-pin): K801PC
  CAT3/5E/6 Computer Jack: K111-PC/K112-PC (Radiance)
  CAT3/5E/6 Computer Jack: V111-PC/V112-PC (Glare)
  TV Socket (with Surge Protection): K801TV (Radiance)
  TV/FM Socket : K802 (Radiance)
  TV/FM/SAT Socket: K8553/K8563 (Radiance)
  TV/FM/SAT Triplexer: K8543 (Radiance)
  Telephone & Computer Socket Wiring Diagram (Radiance)
  Telephone socket: K801PC-4TU/K803-4TU Connection Diagram
  RJ12 Jack: F99018
Tech-memo Others:
  Adaptor with RCD, 13A: K7813RCD
  Connection Unit 25A: HB525
  Weatherproof 13A switched socket: P8223S
  Weatherproof 15A switched socket: P8225S
  Weatherproof Cover: K141, K141CL
  Isolators IP66 (Revised 9/7/2020)
  Floor Socket CM8513W: 1-gang & 2-gang
  Floor Pop-Up Bracket: 1-gang & 2-gang (TPU-xxxx, HPU-xxxx)
  Infinit Multi Gang Installation Video:
  Infinit Multi Gang Installation Video