Low Voltage Touch Thermostat

Main features:

  • LCD display with touch control on the screen.
  • Heating and/or Cooling control.
  • 3-step (Low, Mid, High) fan-speed control.
  • To preset temperature with temperature compensation.
  • RS-485 communication for remote configuration, control and monitoring.
    • Applicable product range: Titanium, Ultimate II, Glare, Radiance.

      Series cooling & fan cooling & fan & heating
      Ultimate II G2-TD-90A G2-TD-92A
      Titanium GC2-TD-90A GC2-TD-92A
      Radiance K2-TD-90A K2-TD-92A
      Glare V2-TD-90A V2-TD-92A
      Lavina 95 JC2-TD-90A JC2-TD-92A

      If isolated RS485 is needed, please replace A with MT.

    • - G2-TD-90A (non-isolated RS485, RJ45 jack)

    • - G2-TD-90MT (isolated RS485, screw terminal).

Technical Data:

LCD display 

  • Screen size: 2.3 inch
  • Resolution: 320 * 240 pixel
  • Color depth: 16 bit (65,536 color)
  • Capactive type touch screen
  • Back-light is provided
  • standard background color: Navy blue

Temperature control

  • Preset temperature range: 16oC to 35oC
  • Type of built-in thermistor: NTC
  • Temperature precision: +/- 1oC
  • Temperature compensation: -8oC to +8oC
  • Temperature control hysteresis: 1oC

    • Air-con Mode Cooling / Heating valve Fan speed at auto mode
      Cooling Mode cooling_mode_hysteresis_jpg cooling_mode_auto_jpg
      Heating Mode heating_mode_hysteresis_jpg heating_mode_auto_jpg



  • Input voltage: 12VDC -  24VDC
  • Power dissipation: < 500mW
  • Terminal: RJ45 jack


  • Cable type: Cat5e cable with length less than 10m.

  • Pin assignment:

    • Pin # Assignment
      1 0V DC (GND for RS485)
      2 RS-485 D-
      3 RS-485 D+
      4 Cooling valve
      5 Low fan speed
      6 Mid fan speed 
      7 High fan speed 
      8 +12V DC / +24VDC (Power Supply)


*note: Do not provide "Heating value" signal pin on RJ45 jack.


  • Operating Temperature: -5oC to 30oC
  • Dimensions: 86 x 86 mm
  • Depth: 34 mm
  • Fix Center: 60.3 mm
  • Materials for the front plastic: high grade polycarbonate
  • Materials for housing: high grade polycarbonate

Configurable Controls:

To configure various setting and/or control by means of RS-485 communication.

  • To enable / disable touch screen button which includes
    Power button
    Fan-speed button
    Cooling / heating button
    Preset temperature button

    *note: Once disabled, user can not change the related function.

  • To change the preset temperature.

  • To change the temperature compensation.

  • To show / hide following controls.
    Power control
    Cooling control
    Heating control
    Fan-speed OFF control
    Fan-speed numeric indicator 

    For example, if Fan-speed OFF is hide, user can only select low, mid and high.

RS-485 Communication Channel:

  • 2-wire RS-485
  • speed: 2400, 4800 , 9600, 19200, 38400 bps
  • parity bit: none, odd, even
  • stop bit: 1, 2
  • default settings: 9600 bps, none, 2 stop bits.
  • to support function code 0x03, 0x06  and 0x10 of Modbus RTU protocol.
  • default Modbus address No. is #03.