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Product Data Sheet - Deco

ImageProduct CodeDescription:Download
W2711L-PS_64W2711L10A 250V 1 Gang 1 Way Switch with LED Indicator (Module)Download
W2710_64W271010A 250V 1 Gang 1 Way Bell Switch (Module)Download
W2231-MSB_64W223110A 250V 1 Gang Intermediate Switch (Module)Download
W2231-MSB_64W22216A 250V 3 Position Retractive Switch (L1-OFF-L2) (Module)Download
W222216A 250V 2 Position Retractive Switch (L1-OFF-L2) (Module)Download
 Smart Switch  
W4201QL_64W4201QL3.3-24 VDC 1-gang smart switch moduleDownload
W4202QL_64W4202QL3.3-24 VDC 2-gang smart switch moduleDownload
W4211QL_64W4211QL3.3-24 VDC 1-gang smart switch moduleDownload
W4212QL_64W4212QL3.3-24 VDC 2-gang smart switch moduleDownload
W8315U-GBB2_64W8315U16A 2 pin American Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8316V-SBL_64W8316V16A 2 Pin + E American Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8416U_64W8416U16A 250V 1 Gang 2 Pin Euro-American Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8313A_108W8313A13A 250V BS Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8318_160W831816A 250V Universal Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8318A-MSL-160W8318A16A 250V Universal Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8318D_120W8318D16A 250V 2 Gang Universal Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8416VRCD-ST_64W8416VRCD10/16A 250V 10mA 3 Pin Euro-American Socket with RCDDownload
W816UV2S-ST_108W816UV2S16A 250V 2 Gang 2 Pin & 3 Pin Switched Socket OutletDownload
W8416V_108W8416V16A 250V 1 Gang 3 Pin Euro-American Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8416V2_160W8416V216A 250V 2 Gang 3 Pin Euro-American Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8102LUSB-ST_64W8102LUSB18W 240V QC/PD Type-A & Type-C USB Charger (Module)Download
W8221USB_MSB_64.jpgW8221USB1 Gang USB Connector Module (Female and Female)Download
W8211USB1 Gang USB Connector Module (Male and Female)Download
W8332LUSB_LBL_64W8332LUSB18W 240V QC Twin Type-A USB Charger (Module)Download
W301USBA-SBL_64W8301USBA2A 240V USB Charger (Module)Download
 Audio & Video  
W8211AO_64W8211AO1 Gang Audio Socket Outlet (RCA. L + R Channel) (Module)Download
W8211VO_64W8211VO1 Gang Video Socket Outlet (RCA) (Module)Download
W8211VGA-SBL_64W8211VGA1 Gang VGA Socket Outlet (Front: Female - Back: Female) (Module)Download
W8211EO_64W8211EO1 Gang 3.5mm Audio Jack (Front: Female - Back: Female) (Module)Download
W8201SO-EO_64W8201SO-EOS-video Socket + Ø 3.5 Stereo Earphone Socket (3.5mm jack) ModuleDownload
W8201MIC-SBL_64W8201MIC1 Gang 6.35 mm Microphone Socket (Module)Download
 Data Communication  
W8211PC-MSB_64W8211PC1 Gang RJ45 Cat 6 Data Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8201TU_64W8201TU1 Gang 6 Core RJ12 Telephone Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8201TV_64W8201TV1 Gang TV Socket Outlet with Surge Protection (Module)Download
W8211ETV_64W8211ETV1 Gang Broadband Socket Outlet (F-Connector) (Module)Download
W8311ETV-CS_108W8311ETV1 Gang Broadband Socket Outlet (F-Connector) (Module)Download
W8201HDMI1 Gang HDMI Socket Outlet (Module)Download
W8211HDMI1 Gang HDMI Socket Outlet (L-TYPE) (Module)Download
W2717_64W2717630W 230V Dimmer Module (Rotate On-Off)Download
W2728_108W2728230V 600W 2 Way Switch Dimmer Module (EMC)Download
W2747230V 400W Trailing Edge DimmerDownload
W28471-10V Dimmer (Module)Download
W6-2KT-PS_64W6-2KT20A 100-240VAC Keycard Switch with Time-Off DelayDownload
W2743DND Indicator & MUR Indicator (Module)Download
W1923-LWH_64W19233 Gang Faceplate (95x95mm)Download