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Lavina95 Data Sheet


Product CodeDescription:Download
JC271-W10AX 250V 1 Gang 1 Way SwitchDownload
JC271-2-W10AX 250V 1 Gang 2 Way SwitchDownload
JC272-2-W10AX 250V 2 Gang 2 Way SwitchDownload
JC262L-2-W10A 250V 2 Gang 2 Way Retractive Switch With LEDDownload
JC273-W10AX 250V 3 Gang 1 Way SwitchDownload
JC273-2-W10AX 250V 3 Gang 2 Way SwitchDownload
JC813SA-W13A 250V Switched BS Socket OutletDownload
JC813-W13A 1 Gang SocketDownload
JC8318S-W16A 250V Universal Socket OutletDownload
JC818-W16A 1 Gang 2 Pin + Earth Universal SocketDownload
JC8318USB2-W13A 250V Universal Socket Outlet & Twin USB Charger (2.1A Max)Download
JC816U-W16A 1 Gang 2 Pin + Earth German SocketDownload
JC816V-W16A 1 Gang 2 Pin + Earth French SocketDownload
JC8416U-W10/16A 250V 1 Gang 2 Pin Euro-American Socket OutletDownload
JC8416U2-W10/16A 250V 2 Gang 2 Pin Euro-American Socket OutletDownload
JC8416V-W16A 250V 1 Gang 3 Pin Euro-American Socket OutletDownload
JC8505-W5A 1 Gang Round Pin SocketDownload
JC5601-W20A 250V Flex OutletDownload
JC828-W115/230V Shaver Outlet with Isolating Transformer (146 Type)Download
JG8318SUSB2-A13A 1 Gang Universal Switched Socket Outlet with 2 Port USB Charger (2.1A Max)Download
Data Communication  
JC811PC-W1 Gang RJ45 cat.5e Data SocketDownload
JC821PC-W1 Gang RJ45 cat.6 Data SocketDownload
JC822PC-W2 Gang RJ45 cat.6 Data SocketDownload
JC841PC-W1 Gang RJ45 cat.6a Data SocketDownload
JC842PC-W2 Gang RJ45 Cat 6A Data Socket OutletDownload
JC811-4TU-W1 Gang RJ11 Telephone Socket (4 Pin)Download
JC801TV-W1 Gang TV Socket With Surge ProtectionDownload
JC801HDMI-W1 Gang HDMI OutletDownload
JC811USBA-W1 Gang 2A USB Power ChargerDownload
JC812USBA-W2 Gang 2A USB Power ChargerDownload
JC8102LUSB-WUSB Type C + USB Type A Quick Charger, Dual USB Power ChargerDownload
JC8332LUSB-W18W Dual QC Fast Charger with Light ModuleDownload
JC2743DMB-W10A Bell Push Switch With "Do Not Disturb" + "Make Up Room" (Low Voltage, Pin Header) IndicatorDownload
JC2-AL-W3A 250V Panic ButtonDownload
JC2C-DMB-W4A Bell Switch with "Do Not Disturb" + "Make Up Room" indicatorDownload
JC2-V-W1 Gang Volume SwitchDownload
JC6-2KT-W20A 100-240VAC Key Card Switch With Time delay, Voltage DropDownload
JC8668-W115/230V Shaver Outlet (86 Type)Download
JC14011 Gang Frame (95 type)Download
JB16011 Gang Metal Frame (95 type)Download
JC14022 Gang Frame (95 type)Download
JB16022 Gang Metal Frame (95 type)Download
JC14033 Gang Frame (95 type)Download
JB16033 Gang Metal Frame (95 type)Download
JC14044 Gang Frame (95 type)Download
JC14055 Gang Frame (95 type)Download
 Exclusive Frame for Pico Key Pad 
JC1501AFrame for 1 Column Key PadDownload
JC1502AFrame for 2 Column Key PadDownload
JC1502-PIAFrame for 1 Lavina Module & 1 Column Key PadDownload
JC1502-2PIAFrame for 1 Lavina Module & 2 Column Key PadDownload
JC223-W10AX Blind SwitchDownload