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Product Data Sheet - Minimalist

ImageProduct CodeDescription:Download
EB2711-ST_64_64_jpgEB271116AX 1 Gang 1 Way SwitchDownload
EB2711-216AX 1 Gang 2 Way SwitchDownload
EB2721L-DP-MSB_64_64_jpgEB2721L-DP20A DP 1 Gang 1 Way Switch with Indicator LightDownload
EB2712-ST_64_64_jpgEB271216AX 2 Gang 1 Way SwitchDownload
EB2712-216AX 2 Gang 2 Way SwitchDownload
EB2713-ST_64_64_jpgEB271316AX 3 Gang 1 Way SwitchDownload
EB2713-216AX 3 Gang 2 Way SwitchDownload
EB2714_64_64_jpgEB271416AX 4 Gang 1 Way SwitchDownload
EB2714-216AX 4 Gang 2 Way SwitchDownload
EB2711-B-MSL_64_64_jpgEB2711-B10A 250V 1 Gang 1 Way Bell SwitchDownload
 EB4201ALSOS SwitchDownload
 Smart Switch  
EB4202QP-A12B-SBL_64_64_jpgEB4202QP-A12B3.3V - 24V DC 2 Gang Soft Touch Switch with indicatorDownload
EB4204QP-A12B-SBL_64_64_jpgEB4204QP-A12B3.3V - 24V DC 4 Gang Soft Touch Switch with indicatorDownload
EB8613S-MSB_64_64_jpgEB8613S13A 1 Gang Switched BS Socket OutletDownload
EB8613SD_108_64_jpgEB8613SD13A 250V Twin Switched BS Socket OutletDownload
EB8613SUSB2-MSL_64_64_jpgEB8613SUSB213A 250V Switched BS Socket & Twin USB Charger (2.1A Max)Download
EB8318_64_64_jpgEB831816A 1 Gang Universal Socket OutletDownload
EB8318S-SBL_64_64_jpgEB8318S13A 1 Gang Universal Switched Socket OutletDownload
 Data Communication  
EB4201-TU-MSB_64_64_jpgEB4201-TU1 Gang RJ12 Telephone Socket (6 Pin)Download
EB4211-PC-MSB_64_64_jpgEB4211-PC1 Gang RJ45 CAT. 6 Data SocketDownload
EB4201HDMI-MSL_64_64_jpgEB4201HDMI1 Gang HDMI SocketDownload
EB4201KM2-MSB_64_64_jpgEB4201KM21000W 230V 1 Gang Dimmer (Rotate On/Off)Download
EB8602USB-SBL_64_64_jpgEB8602USB2 Gang 2A USB Charger (4.2A max)Download
EB2700IR_64_64.pngEB2700IR1W 250V IR Motion Floor LampDownload
EB8688_108_64_jpgEB8688115/230V 20VA Shaver Socket with Overcurrent Protection (146 Type)Download
EB8668-SBL_64_64_jpgEB8668115/230V 15VA Shaver Socket with Overcurrent protection (86 Type)Download