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modbus scanner

Modbus scanner

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Latest Version: (May 24, 2020)

(1) It is a tool to simulate modbus slave device for the Modbus RTU protocol. It shall capture data based on the modbus data frame. Depended on the setting, it shall act as dummy listener or active to reply modbus command to modbus master.

(2) it support T&J's BxN extension on the modbus protocol.

(3) in BxN mode, user can enable a BxN master.

(A) Main menu


(B) Setting menu



1. "Show all modbus message" is checked - It shall show all modbus message (incuding BxN message) on the log files. If it is unchecked, only modbus message with station number indicated on the slave form, shall show on log file.

(C) Individual slave setting menu



Source station
- Slave form shall capture data based on "source station" field in BxN message.

Desination station
- Slave form shall capture data based on "destination station" field in BxN message.

(D) Send message statistics


(E)log file



(F) Software revision

Next Update:

- fix a minor bug on SendReceiveLoop (May 24,2020)

- upgrade with BxN ver. 3 datagram (May 6,2020)

- upgrade with BxN ver. 2 datagram (May 5,2020)

- bug fix on BxN master's station no in setting. (range: 20 .. 35)
- bug fix on "App restart" if user has changed on max. station no.
- bug fix to decide on the validity on 0x43 bxn msg. (May 3, 2020)

- modify AppendData to RxBuffer to prevent thread conflict on loopback.
- add in dashboard to show current operation status
- add in transaction counters on each slave device. To show "Total msg has been sent", how many "OK" (i.e. received ack), how many fail, how many has "rejected" (i.e. new msg which is rejected because queue is full.
- lock sendQueue on each slave to prevent thread conflict.
- change the "sendReceiveLoop" on the rxBuffer. (April 30, 2020)

- amend serial port receive buffer to prevent "data lost" error.
- change config file and log file. It shall help to use seperate config & log file for different instance which run on same computer.
- slave don't ack for broadcast message (April 26, 2020)