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EA/EB 420x Smart Switch








List of model no.

  product description Harmony Minimalist
LED indicator EB4202QL_256x256_png
  2 gang switch with LED indicator EA4202QL-A1B EB4202QL-A1B
  4 gang switch with LED indicator EA4204QL-A1B EB4204QL-A1B
LED signage EB4202QP_256x256_png
  2 gang switch with LED signage EA4202QP-A1B EB4202QP-A1B
  4 gang switch with LED signage EA4204QP-A1B EB4204QP-A1B
** customer need to specify what is the word to be shown on the switch
** A1B specify what is electrical specification. For other electrical spec, please refer to smart-switch product coding or consult T&J sales representative.

Electrical Specification

Switch: Rated voltage: 3.3 - 24VDC (dry contact, common cathode or common anode
  Rated current: ≤20mA
LED: Rated voltage: 3.3V common cathode
  Rated current:: ≤20mA
  Blue LED
Terminal: Plug-in type
Wiring diagram: smart_sw_A_configuration_png