EA / EB / HC Keycard switch

Understanding on EA / EB / HC keycard switch product code:


xx Series Remark
  EA - Harmony  
  EB - Minimalist  
  HC - Infinit  
n Output type  
  2 - 20A output  
  0 - 10A output
(voltage free relay output
/dry contact output)

voltage free relay output
/dry contact output

- no voltage on two output terminal.
- need external supplied voltage
- can be 100-240VAC
- can be 9 - 30V DC

m Sensor type  
  6 - micro-switch  
  8 - low frequency detection - only detect frequency:
- no data reading
  9 - high frequency detection - only detect frequency: 13.56MHz
- no data reading
- supported card: Mifare Classic 1K & 4K (or compitable card) ^1
KT9 input voltage  
  KT - 100-240V AC input  
  KT9 - 12-24V DC input ^2  
Standard Configuration    
xx422m-KT Input: 240VAC
Output: 20A@240VAC
xx420m-KT Input:
240V AC
10A dry contact
xx420m-KT9 Input: 12-24VDC
10A dry contact


remark 1: it may not work reliable with Mifare Ultralight C card or Mifare EV1 card

remark 2: previous version on KT9's input voltage is 9-24V AC/DC. this specification has been obsolete. 9VAC, 12VAC and 24VAC is only available as custom-made items.