DND MUR with interlocking switch

By means of mechanical interlocking, when DND switch is pressed, MUR switch shall be release. and vice versa.


  • "Do not disturb" and "Make-up room" switches which is installed inside hotel guest room.
  • Only one switch can be turned "on" at a time. Both of switches can be turned "off"
  • There are built-in LED with the switches
    RED LED - "Do Not Disturb" switch
    GREEN LED - "Make-up room" switch
  • It can work together with "Do Not Disturb" and "Make-up room" indicator to form a complete circuit.
    *When "Do Not Disturb" switch is pressed, the door bell shall be disabled.

Applicable products

Range 2Gang 2Way Switch DND, MUR indicator current rating
Radiance K2772L-2 K2C-DMB 16AX
  K2772L_2_jpg K2C_DMB_jpg

wiring diagram




  • Why LED is ON or blinking even the switch has not been pressed?
    It is due to noisy pickup on the wire.
    To solve the issue can install a capacitors (275V 0.15uF X2) across the LED leads.