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DND MUR with 2Gang 2Way Switch

This is a commonly used methods to implement the DND & MUR function in Hotel guest room.
The 2Gang 2Way Switch need to have a independent 230V LED.

featues to be provided:

DND Switch MUR Switch DND red LED MUR green LED bell switch
pressed X ON OFF disabled
released pressed OFF ON enabled
released released OFF OFF enabled

*if interlocking between DND Switch and MUR switch is needed, please review K2772L-2 interlocking switch

Applicable products

Range 2Gang 2Way Switch DND, MUR indicator current rating
Ultimate 2 G252LA-2-BSS/S241 G2-DMB 10AX
Titanium GC252LA-2-BSS/S241 GC2-DMB 10AX
Radiance K272L-2/S241 K2C-DMB 16AX

pictures: GC252LA-2-BSS/S241 + GC2-DMB

GC252LA_2_S241_jpg GC252LA_2_S241_back_jpg GC2_DMB_jpg

wiring diagram


Trouble shooting

  • Why LED is ON or blinking even the switch has not been pressed?
    To turn off both DND and MUR switch. check if MUR or DND LED are OFF or not?
    If both LED is OFF, then check the Neutral wire is connected properly.
    If either LED is "ON" or "blinking", it may due to noisy pickup on the wire.
    To solve the issue can install a capacitors (275V 0.15uF X2) across the LED leads.